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"Imagine a world where instead of engineers conforming their methods to a material, the material conforms to the engineer. Our state of the art patented technology allows us to control multiple variables in processing, we are able to provide nano-composite alloys to custom standards with exacting precision. Our incorporation techniques can apply to multiple metals and elements." - Matthew Blankenhorn, Aluminastic Corporation." - Matthew Blankenhorn, Aluminastic Corporation.

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The service offered by Aluminastic Corporation is the research and development of new materials per industry requests. The pricing will be dependant on the scope and range of research and evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Key enhancements in our custom alloys are increased strength, formability, wear resistance and superior finishes. The scope of industry applications covers low level manufacturing applications all the way to medical and aerospace applications.

Achievements to Date

In addition to being stronger and possessing greater formability and finishes than other comparable materials, different composites of Aluminastic material exhibit extraordinary technical properties. While testing is currently being done to further document the superior technical properties of all the Aluminastic composite materials, previous testing has already documented several unique properties listed below:

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Aluminastic Composite 356 shows a 28.5% increase in flow rate

Aluminastic Composite 3005 is able to be extruded at temperatures between 400 and 500 degrees Fahrenheit Normal extrusion is done at approximately 900 degrees Fahrenheit

Aluminastic Composite 6061 has a 25-40% increase in thru put extrusion with a 30% reduction of force to extrude

Aluminastic Composite 6061 reduced one product application from a 16-66% failure rate to a 0% failure rate due to its increased ductility

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