Company Vision

The company vision at Aluminastic is to take recycled products and use those to create new and useful materials. Our raw feed stocks come from Recyclables making a positive impact on our environment while producing stronger more ductile alloys.

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Our Story

Matthew Blankenhorn and William Clifford Sr. who share a common interest in product development through recycling were experimenting with recyclable materials when they realized that the composite material that resulted from their experimentation presented some unique and impressive properties. The process was replicated many times and fine tuned with the addition of other materials until the present formulation was established. Many tests performed by independent test facilities have shown that the Aluminastic material is stronger, more ductile, and more resistant to corrosion then regular aluminum. Based upon the results of these tests, Aluminastic Corporation believes that its nano-composite material can supply industry with an extremely strong, yet lightweight composite material that will literally revolutionize manufacturing throughout the world.

2015-2016 Officers
  • Willian Clifford - President / CEO
  • Ray Pullins: Vice President
2015-2016 Board of Directors
  • Lou Jacobs Chief Executive Officer
  • Bill Clifford: President
  • Ray Pullins: Vice President
  • Chuck Gordon: Vice-Chairman
  • Gerald Oates - Chairman
  • David Arndt : Treasurer
  • David Oates: Secretary
  • Dennis “DJ” Johnson: Board Member
  • Neil Boyd: Board Member
  • Ron Haugen: Board Advisor
  • Cecil Townsend: Board Member
  • James Loggins: Board Member
Contact Info
Phone: 740.352.5970
Fax: 740.534.9772

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