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Creating jobs and bringing new life to the aluminum industry is the core of our mission. We strive to create innovative and novel alloy's that are enviromentaly friendly as well as competitive. Aluminastic will define new approaches to custom materials while gaining acceptance in the medical, automotive, and aerospace industries. All of Aluminastic products will be verified through peer review, scientific documentation and the appropriate government channels.

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Our Story

Matthew Blankenhorn and Williams Clifford Sr. who share a common interest in product development through recycling were experimenting with recyclable materials when they realized that the composite material that resulted from their experimentation presented some unique and impressive properties. The process was replicated many times and fine tuned with the addition of other materials until the present formulation was established. Many tests performed by independent test facilities have shown that the Aluminastic material is stronger, more ductile, and more resistant to corrosion then regular aluminum. Based upon the results of these tests, Aluminastic Corporation believes that its nano-composite material can supply industry with an extremely strong, yet lightweight composite material that will literally revolutionize manufacturing throughout the world.

2011-2012 Officers
  • Willian Clifford - President
  • Matthew Blankenhorn: CEO
2011-2012 Board of Directors
  • Chuck Gordon: Chairman
  • Matthew Blankenhorn: Vice-Chairman
  • Gary Anderson - Secretary
  • David Arndt : Treasurer
  • Ron Haugen
  • Michael Lawrence
  • Larry BlankenHorn
  • David G. Oates
  • Neil Boyd
  • William Clifford Sr. - Adviser
  • Gerry Oates - Adviser
  • Jean Ruppert Fulker - Adviser
Contact Info
Phone: 740.352.5970
Fax: 740.534.9772

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